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Libro ebook A Haddington Manifestation, R.J. Davin
Author: R.J. Davin
Publisher: Raymond John Davin
Categories: Humour
Language: Inglés
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ISBN: 9781742843506
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A Haddington Manifestation is a humorous work of fiction set in England during the 1890s and centres around the character of Lord Haddington who suffers from a terrible affliction of great clumsiness so much so that he is known in the area as Lord Clumsy. Haddington has been seeking his long lost grandson for some time and now he has two claimants as guests in his house. All the characters have to endure a great deal of trials and tribulations before reaching a happy ending.
R J Davin was born in Sydney in 1946, after leaving school he joined the Post Office and then joined Telstra, after many years in administration in Telstra he retired. He has traveled throughout Australia and in the past two years visited South Korea; he visited the Demilitarized zone and found the atmosphere eerie. He is currently writing a novel which takes place during the Korean War. He has been writing all his life, he is interested in everything, politics, history, humour and world events and loves to read and write. He has published 4 books in the past few years, 3 comedies and one novel on WWI. This book is available on Amazon.com. His comedy novels were inspired by the English Ealing comedy of the fifties, while his novel on WWI, The Worst Day was inspired by the film, Paths of Glory directed by Stanley Kubrick. His humorous novels The Toff , A Haddington Manifestation and Manners Manor are all set in Victorian England of the 1890 s and are filled with quirky characters and good plot lines. A Haddington Manifestation and The Toff are available on Amazon.com. He enjoys a good book and he hopes the books he is writing will be read and enjoyed by a wide audience.
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