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Libro ebook Movements that Heal, Harald Blomberg M.D. with Moira Dempsey
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Movements that Heal looks at the reasons behind why the Rhythmic Movement Training and Primitive Reflex Integration programme works. It discusses the developmental and environmental reasons behind many learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges.
Harald Blomberg M.D. is a psychiatrist in Stockholm, Sweden. He began working with Rhythmic Movements in the mid 1980s after he met self taught therapist Kerstin Linde who was using the movements to work with children with severe developmental delays and adults with mental illness. Dr Blomberg introduced the movements to the clinic he was working in and began to have very positive results with his clients. Since then he investigated why the movements have such a positive result for so many people; and as a result has developed the Rhythmic Movement training programme. Moira Dempsey, a former teacher, is an Educational and Developmental Kinesiologist in Melbourne, Australia. She has been interested in the role of retained primitive infant reflexes on learning and behaviour for 15 years. She teaches RMT around the world.
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