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Libro ebook Excel 2019 All-in-One, Lokesh Lalwani
Author: Lokesh Lalwani
Publisher: BPB Publications
Categories: Spreadsheet software
Categories: Microsoft programming
Language: Inglés
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Excel is, by far, the most preferred spreadsheet program on this planet. People love it because of its simplicity and easy user interface. The primary focus of Excel is to perform basic to advanced level numeric calculations. Every industry, department, job role is dependent on Excel to perform day to day duties as well as data analysis and visualization. Microsoft Excel is available in both offline (Excel 2019) and online (Office 365) versions. If you are new to Excel or use this program day in day out, then this book will surely clear your logics and concepts of excel.This book starts with an introduction to Excel program and an overview of its interface and move towards an explanation of new features being introduced in Excel 2019 and Office 365, then an in-depth discussion on entering and transforming data. Understanding different formulas and functions with practical exercises. Afterwards, how to perform data analysis and present it using different data visualization tools. Finally, extracting data and automation of tasks through Macros.After going through this book, you will become conceptually strong in using various features of Excel. You will increase your productivity by understanding and using the right tool for the related data set.KEY FEATURES (5-7 points)(each point should be 70 characters with space)Whatâ??s New in Excel 2019 Office 365Putting Data into ExcelTransforming and Managing the DataFormulas and FunctionsData Analysis techniquesData Visualization techniquesMultiple ways of Data ExtractionAutomation in Excel through Macros
1.Whatâ??s New in Excel 2019/Office 3652.Entering Data in Excel3.Transforming and Managing Data4.Formulas and Functions5.Data Analysis6.Data Visualization7.Data Extraction8.Automation in Excel through Macros
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