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Libro ebook Data Science with Jupyter, Prateek Gupta
Author: Prateek Gupta
Publisher: BPB Publications
Categories: Database programming
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2019
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Modern businesses are awash with data, making data driven decision-making tasks increasingly complex. As a result, relevant technical expertise and analytical skills are required to do such tasks. This book aims to equip you with just enough knowledge of Python in conjunction with skills to use powerful tool such as Jupyter Notebook in order to succeed in the role of a data scientist.
1.Data Science Fundamentals2.Installing Software and Setting up3.Lists and Dictionaries4.Function and Packages5.NumPy Foundation6.Pandas and Dataframe7.Interacting with Databases8.Thinking Statistically in Data Science9.How to import data in Python?10.Cleaning of imported data11.Data Visualization12.Data Pre-processing13.Supervised Machine Learning14.Unsupervised Machine Learning15.Handling Time-Series Data16.Time-Series Methods17.Case Study â?? 118.Case Study â?? 219.Case Study â?? 320.Case Study â?? 4
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