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Libro ebook Cloud Computing, Kamal Kant Hiran, Ruchi Doshi, Dr. Fagbola Temitayo, Mehul Mahrishi
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With the advent of internet, there is a complete paradigm shift in the manner we comprehend computing. Need to enable ubiquity, convenient and on-demand access to resources in highly scalable and resilient environments that can be remotely accessed, gave birth to the concept of Cloud computing. The acceptance is so rapid that the notion influences sophisticated innovations in academia, industry and research world-wide and hereby change the landscape of information technology as we thought of. Through this book, the authors tried to incorporate core principles and basic notion of cloud computing in a step-by-step manner and tried to emphasize on key concepts for clear and thorough insight into the subject.This book begins with the fundamentals of cloud computing, its service and deployment models, architecture, as well as applications and platforms. It presents some key enterprise strategies and models for the adoption of and migration to cloud. Privacy and security issues and challenges also form a major part of our discussion in the book as well as case studies of cloud computing adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa and India. The book concludes with a discussion of several advanced topics, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Open Nebulla, Microsoft Azure, Apache Hadoop and Google App Engine (GAE). What will you learnLearn about the Importance of Cloud Computing in Current Digital EraUnderstand the Core concepts and Principles of Cloud Computing with practical benefitsLearn about the Cloud Deployment models and Services Discover how Cloud Computing Architecture works Learn about the Load balancing approach and Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC)Learn about the Virtualization and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) conceptsLearn about the various Cloud Computing applications, Platforms and Security conceptsUnderstand the adoption Cloud Computing technology and strategies for migration to the cloudCase Studies for Cloud computing adoption - Sub-Saharan Africa and India.
1.Foundation of Cloud Computing 2.Cloud Services and Deployment Models3.Cloud Computing Architecture4.Virtualization Technology5.Service Oriented Architecture6.Cloud Security and Privacy7.Cloud Computing Applications8.Cloud Computing Technologies, Platform and Services9.Adoption of Cloud Computing
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