Libro ebook A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation, Noa Talaván Zanón
Publisher: UNED
Language: Inglés
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Publishing year: 2016
Size: 21.59 Mb
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ISBN: 9788436271140
In this book you can find the necessary tools to be introduced to the fields of Terminology and Specialized Translation, so as to achieve a general understanding of the internal workings of these two interrelated disciplines. The present book is designed to address introductory matters as far as specialized translation and English for Specific Purposes are concerned. Through a very practical approach, these pages contain basic theoretical matters combined with a good number of review and enhancement tasks on the basics of specialized translation and terminology.
holds a senior lecturer position in the Foreign Languages Department of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain, where she teaches mainly in the areas of Translation, English for Specific Purposes and CALL. Her main field of research is the use of Audiovisual Translation in Foreign Language Education.
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