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Author or coauthor of over a hundred and fifty scientific publications, this time Javier Arias-Stella gives us a captivating book with a very personal account of his beginnings in the scientific life. He writes focusing in his passion to solve a histological enigma with which he came across, and ending with the international recognition that came from having satisfied his curiosity with tenacity and creativity, as an authentic follower of the scientific method and a true inspiration for future generations of researchers in the biomedical fields.
Javier Arias-Stella (Lima, 1924) has played a pivotal role in the scientific development of Peru. Two years after earning his degree as a Doctor in Medicine (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, 1959), he was amog the professors who funded the Cayetano Heredia University, the leading academic institution in Health Sciences in Peru, where he is a highly respected member of the staff to this day. His main scientific contributions include the description of the Arias-Stella reaction, covered in this book, studies in the anatomy and histology of high altitude natives and research in the immunochemistry, ultraestructure and histology of the Peruvian verruca or Carrion's disease. Member of several medical associations in Peru, Latin America and the US, he's vinculated to many universities and hospitals. Javier Arias-Stella's professional merits have been recognized with a large number of national and international distinctions and awards, like the Peruvian National Stimulus for Culture "Hipólito Unanue" (1959), the Roussel Peru Prize (1960), the Fred W. Stewart Prize from the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (1991), the Hipólito Unanue National Peruvian Prize in Medicine (1991), the Barton Prize (1996) and the Robert Grover Prize, from the American Thoracic Society (2008).
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