Libro ebook A PATCHWORK QUILT, Joan Stanfield
Subtitle a Pioneering Saga
Author: Joan Stanfield
Publisher: Stanfield
Language: Inglés
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ISBN: 9781742840611
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Britain off loaded over 4000 convicts in America, until defeated in the American War of Independence. Desperate to empty British gaols, in 1788, the First Fleet was dispatched to deliver convicts to Botany Bay. On arrival, without any prior structures, a penal settlement was begun at Sydney Cove. From this early beginning, miserable miscreants, many of them only petty criminals, together with later free settlers, built the wealth of Australia. The intertwining of lives through mateship and marriage, is reflected in the various fabrics which stitch together in A Patchwork Quilt. The yarns and weaves of a number of families, whose origins were traced in England, Ireland, Wales and Europe, later expended their blood, sweat and tears to tame the alien landscape of Australia, with its vast open spaces, its droughts and flooding rains.
As a researcher, with an academic background, I love history and also have an interest in georgraphy. My first paid writing was for ABC radio news journalism and TV script writing for news film. I taught senior classes for Ed. department NSW for 23 years, before moving to the travel industry. My research of northern river systems, NSW and southern Qld inspired me to put together the characters, station properties and economic conditions of the pastoral pioneers. This important australian history.
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